Sunday, 25 September 2011

Apple packaging

What's currently available?

Chelan Fresh Marketing

Enter the Grapple which is a hybrid of the Washington Apple and Concord Grapes. The Washington based creators of the Grapples claim that eating grapples gives you all the nutritional value of an apple, with the sweet taste of grapes -- Though it does look more like an apple. One Grapple has 80 calories, 22 grams of carbs and 16 grams of sugar. They are a great alternative for nabbing a sweet tooth instead of other high calorie, processed snacks.

Martin’s Family Fruit Farm Ltd, one of Canada’s largest apple growers recently designed a new packaging for their apple gift boxes. Martin’s is also setting up an on-line service enabling the customer to order apples via the website which are then delivered across Canada, with a delivery within 2 days, while the shipment can be tracked on- line by the customer.
The apples are protected in a food grade foam to ensure that the apples arrive in optimum condition which the company guarantees. The pack also includes information on the variety of apples and a recipe booklet. The gift box is packed in an outer box for shipping so the attractive high graphic gift box makes an unique nutritional gift.

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