Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The anatomy of a book

Leaves- Individual sheet within a bound book

Pages - leaves have a front and back side each is a page

Page spreads - When bound together the right(recto) and left (verso) page are centred on a gutter where they are bound at the spine

Book design includes content,format, design and sequence.

Double page spread

Precise arrangement of multiple pages on a large sheet of paper or press paper.  The layout and sequence is such that when the print is folded, bound and guillotined each element of the document is correctly positioned in the correct page sequence or page order.


The process of dividing and numbering documents into pages. Pagination can include the attributes such as columns, margins, header and footers.  paginated documents can be viewed on the web or a hard copy.

Aspect ratio 
2:1 relationship between the width and height

Aspect relate to portrait (1:2) or landscape (2:1)

We then did an exercise of folding an A2 piece of paper seven time and then numbering each leaf from 1 to 32.  When the paper is folded out the result is the print layout for printing a book.

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