Friday, 28 January 2011

Book Workshop

The Book workshop proved most enjoyable. It reminded me how much I enjoy practical hands on tasks!  Sarah demonstrated a few different methods of binding:
  1. The first and second image above is an example of Pamphlet Stitch
  2. Tools needed include a bone folder, needle and thread and Japanese screw punch
  3. Line up several pages, then crease down the middle
  4. With pages in a v shape create a three holes by pressing down the punch
  5. Sewing start o the outside, pull through hole, stitch to one side then across to the others.  Tie a knot.   
 The second image is an example of Japanese stab binding
  1. With this type the book cannot be open flat, good for flick books
  2. Draw a line 0.5 inch from the top
  3. mark 5 holes spaced evenly across this line
  4. Drill the holes (We used a hand drill)
  5. Then stitch up through the middle hole, leaving some thread dangling.
  6. Stitch around the edge of the book.

The images below are examples of a Concertina book.  
  1. We used 7 sheets of A4 paper.
  2. The paper is folded in half and then laid back to pack to create the concertina. 
  3. <
  4. >
  5. <
  6. >
  7. mark the facing pages where the glue will be applied   
  8. We used Buckram fabric for the cover
  9. To mark the cover. 
  10. Mark a small distance (1cm) from the edge.  
  11. Make the board the correct size(so there will be a small lip showing)

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