Saturday, 22 January 2011

Workshop - Time management

We brainstormed in pairs how we think we waste time: examples included:

  • Facebook
  • Talking/chatting
  • watching TV/movies
  • X box
  • Procrastination
We discussed how we can improve our time management:
  • Set goals
  • Breakdown a task into individual manageable tasks
  • Schedule tasks
  • Recognise time needed to plan
  • Prioritise tasks A and B, so do all A's first
  • Leave fun things til last
  • Reward yourself
With better time management skills we will gain:
  • Learn more
  • Not feel guilty
  • more time 
  • improved the quality of work
We recorded how we felt we spent out time and then went on to spend a full week actually recording our time.  I represented my time using a Pie chart.  the only surprise was how much I sleep as I feel permanently tired!


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