Friday, 28 January 2011

Collection 100 - Design development linking Graphic Designers

These notes tie in with the Design research blog because as I was logging the research I was also trying to link the various creatives together.  Once I had realised the three way links infographic was not going to work well for a poster I then researched other methods of linking subjects.  This was when I remembered from a CTS lecture, looking at the Tube style map of The Great Bear, you can see the research for this here.

The idea was that I would reproduce 100 album links via an underground style map using Illustrator.  First I needed to 'map' this out.  I have scanned this work below.  As you can see this was getting quite 'busy' and at this stage I had only linked 42 albums.  I felt the map would have to be huge to see the album covers (A0 at least) which would have just been to expensive to print.  So I had a rethink.

The 'spine ' of the map seemed to be Barney Bubbles (Pencil on map).  I was becoming more and more intrigued by this little written about designer, so I decided to focus the research on him. After copious amounts of independent research  I found a book written by Paul Gorman called 'Reason to be cheerful' which joined all the dots.  What was emerging through the research that there were lots of blogs and almost a 'cult' following of this guy, yet still not a lot had been written about him.

After the first Moving image workshop with Mike I began to visualise the possibility of doing a Moving image about Barney Bubbles.  Even better after the second workshop when we used Final Cut express was that I could now work out how to link both Music and video to the images.

These are more notes linking various Graphic designers/artists/ photographers/album covers

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