Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Loft Space - stock

As part of the live brief to promote The Loft Space I am exploring making some hotdog fold books.  Due to budget constraints I see the cheapest solution to printing could be screen printing however I will price both digital and screen to check this.

Standedge Tunnel is a venue for The Jazz Festival and as such this is an important opportunity to Promote the Loftspace and raise awarenes of it.  The Jazz Festival is now a nationally recognised event and attendance gets into the 1000's.

Most of the gigs are in pubs or cafes so beer/drink mats seems a ideal promotional vehicle.  Janet wanted to create an A5 leaflet with some information to promote the Loftspace.  As a result Icame up with the Hotdog fold book which can be cuts so its square shaped like a beer mat.
Janet has given me a budget of up to £100 for this however i would like to aim for £50 depending on the stock we use.

The first stock that I cam across was actually on the YCN Talent in Bloom programme.

This is made from recycled materials which fits with The Loftspace ethos.  Not only that though it has this appearance with visible fibres. 

I've managed to source a recycled paper supplier through Luke.  He recommended I got in touch with Footprint in Leeds.  Their website shows what they have in stock and who they order from (Paperback).

Ive ordered some samples from Paperback.  Footprint gets discounted prices and free delivery so perfect!  The only potential problem is I will have to order 1000 sheets however as long as I can keep within budget I am sure this can work.

It has occurred to me for 1000 sheets I could probably just go to a local printer( although may not get the recycled feel/ethos)  One printer in Huddersfield is Aura print.  For 1000 A3 leaflets screen printed on 100gsm uncoated paper its costs £90!!


The other consideration with printing on more fibrous papers is how clear the text prints out especially when screen printing.  This is a design consideration in terms of typefaces and sizes.   Plan to research Screen printing and text further

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