Sunday, 16 September 2012

Brief one The Loft Space - Developing a logo

I met with Janet Hagger on 21/6/12 to discuss how we could work together.   From first walking into The Loft Space I could see quite quickly that they needed some help with their Identity and just simple Graphic design.

A free banner Janet got made at Vista Print

Some Promo material for Green fusions

An advert in The Huddersfield Eye

Their initial idea for a logo (an image of Tunnel End)

My first thoughts on reading the literature about The Creative Hub/Loft Space/Green Fusions as there were several identities and was quite confused by what it actually was.

At the first meeting Janet explained that The Canal & River Trust who owned Standedge Visitors Centre had just been reorganised as a trusts and she was not sure how long The Loft Space would be based there.  

In the meantime we agreed: 
  • I would design the logo for The Loft Space for the end of August
  • I would also look at Green Fusions website and giver her some ideas for redesigning the site 
We discussed design direction

Not just textiles, although Craft wanted to get acros 'professionalism' and experience not just 'crafty',
Hand made
Liked the Owl symbol/wisdom

Words that came immediately to mind:

Community, friendly, Craft, natural, green, countryside, warmth, welcoming, space.

Initial ideas for logo:

Initial research into Owls/Creative Hubs/ Knitting & Crochet

Open publication - Free publishing - More creative hubs

These are the initial logo ideas I came up with.  I was trying to recreate the feel of the tunnel end idea in some.  On others I experimented with Traditional Crochet Pattern style fonts.

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