Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rationale workshops

Five things I want to do:

  • Use typography skills 
  • Make a brochure/mag/book
  • Explore digital layout/typefaces for on line mags/e-Books
  • Research typography specialists such as The typographic Circle - Content & subjects
  • Research ISTD, events, competitions, members

Five things I need to do:
  • Deliver an outcome to this brief
  • Think how this can link to dissertation ideas/themes
  • Research layout, editorial
  • Identify content for publication
  • Identify distribution for publication
Five reasons why you need/want to do:
  • To expand on what has been covered in Type module
  • To explore/experiment in n area not touched so far
  • To improve my grid /layout skills
  • To be more informed /skilled as a designer
  • To expand my mind to other platforms/digital media possibilities and understand GD best practise
The above analysis represents a RATIONALE

These are ongoing/when hit a dead end, at evaluation, can be short or long term, use for prioritising.

5 things you Want to do + (why x 5) = rationale

Five personal skills
  • Working with clients
  • Managing clients
  • Managing time within a live brief
Practical skills
  • Editorial skills
  • Grid/layout skills
  • Typeface selection appropriate for screen and print
  • Web layout design
  • Presentation/Boards layout
Processes to investigate
  • Book layout, pagination and book making
  • e-Book design and layout
  • Magazine/Book hierarchies - how/if defined

  • Book/mag/brochure - a set/range
  • Design for screen /mobile/device
  • Poster/promotion
  • Branding for publication

Typeface/typography context (Specialist) on print/digital platform (can they integrate)

What is missing - A problem to solve? 
                                Content to deliver

These will be determined by the briefs, research and who the audience is.

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