Monday, 30 April 2012

Brief development workshop

Identify five problems you are interested in solving:

  • How/what to communicate through a publication print based/online
  • How to interact with a younger audience using the Web
  • Does ISTD need a fresh face
  • How to present an Annual Report so it doesn't look like an annual report
  • How to offer the reader an enjoyable experience comparable to a printed book.
Five messages you want to deliver /five things you want to say:
  • By having a clear visual identity/strategy a business can naturally facilitates the promotion forward.  By developing a range of products each release has a template to follow so not re-inventing the wheel each time
  • The tone of voice of the publication will be representative of the Guitar School
Five Reasons why?
  • To experiment/push what I already know about design/Typography
  • To refresh a Business that I have a vested interest in
  • The research will be of interest IE Music mags, ezines
  • I have a pool of perspective students /audience members for primary research
  • I want to 'make' something- especially a book/publication which will test the skills from design/type
  • A good piece for my portfolio
Five facts about the subject/content
  • Slaithwaite Guitar School has been established for eight years
  • It has been two identities however they have not been heavily promoted
  •  The business provides guitar and bass tuition
  • If has been recently expanded into After Schools clubs - A rock school - band tuition
  • The business will launch a new workshop studio in the summer

Five facts about your audience /context:
  • A broad age range although the 'payers' are adults mainly aged 30 plus
  • The students are aged 8 to 58 years old
  • A new audience will be promoting an After School club through schools (followed by summer schools)
  • The audience (Students) focus on Performance rather than grades
Identify five distinct products:
  • Logo/brand id
  • A starter pack - wallet, practice book, poster, plectrum, blank CD
  • On line mag/blog
  • Printed newspaper/newsletter   The purpose being to promote the Guitar school/ Educate and inspire/inform
  • Poster - to promote the launch/ezine/blog 
  • Invitations to the new workshop launch
  • In the future potential to design Company stationery/Business cards/Blog/ website/screen assets
Choose one product , identify five elements that could change it into a range:

The Booklet/publication
  • An educational bi monthly magazine
  • Five levels of practice book with associated poster
  • A promotional magazine with different inspirational themes
  • A range featuring different genres of music
  • A range featuring key learning outcomes
  • Dave's inspirational thought/track of the month
  • A fold out poster of tips, facts IE guitar tabs, 
Other ideas
  • Five different ways of packaging
  • Five different size formats
  • Five promo events -  promo material, flyers, invites, local press ad, pin badges, Digital/social media

How much can you challenge it?

How is it going to get out in the world?

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