Sunday, 29 April 2012

Guitar school research

Following a discussion with David (the client) we summarised a design research direction for the Guitar school identity  The success of the school so far had been achieved very much on a word of mouth basis. It was decided it was good to keep the Slaithwaite reference in the name for two reasons the target audience is mainly the Colne Valley and also people like supporting local businesses. 

The Business mainly teaches guitar and bass but David has also taught Mandolin and Banjo. He also teaches Music Technology, song writing, musicology and live performance.  The Guitar school has put on an Annual Concert show for the last five years.
The Guitar School current identity is:

The website should have similar colours however since the Web workshops with Simon I now understand why the colours are unable to be the same due to Web safe colours

David wanted the new identity to be clean and slick like Apple rather than have a retro/ rock feel. 

The current target audience are:

1. Parents of students aged 8 to 16 
2. Students aged 8 to 18 
3. Mature adults who can take lesson during the working week ie 9am to 3pm 
4. A new emerging market is to appeal to primary schools to allow an After School club run in the form of a Rock School. 

David would like a single symbol or logo which can be used across a range of promotional Material and media to include plectrums. T shirts, flyers, prospectus type publication, practice Books and wallets. 

The colours need to work both print and digitally. 

I plan to research: 

1. Other music schools 
2. School prospectus layouts and content 
3. Music practice books for content 
4. Current music mags and e-zines 
5. Carry out a survey of music students and their parents


We discussed potentially using the Plectrum/Pick as a shape for the logo.

These are some initial ideas:

Music Schools site links:

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