Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Visual Language - Definitions

Verb - A 'doing' word example I draw

Adjective- - A 'describing' word example beautiful
Adverb - is an adjective which describes a verb 
example The angry lion pounced and roared loudly
                  Adjective      Verb                   Adverb 

Noun - A 'naming' word person, animal, place, thing or idea example Lion

Example Late last year our neighbours bought a goat. (noun)

Pro-noun -  Names

Subjective personal pro-noun - when the pro-noun is acting as the subject. example I, she, he, her, his,they, you, we


This morning Lisa and Sarah are discussing quietly their visual language problems carefully

Barrie and his animal pals ran quickly into visual language to learn about nouns.

John was running erratically through the dark wood.  He found a goat called Alan and rode it home.

We had to edit a newspaper article down to 140 characters for a tweet.

X factor star Kate Waissel accused of leaking gossip about her and rival matt Cardle.  Show insiders say Cardle told her to stop making stuff up.

We then received an article about Wayne Rooney and had to edit to 160 characters for a text.

Rooney has 20 mths left on his current deal at Man Utd yet questions over his future remain unanswered by Fergie.  Rumours that move to Real Madrid is most likely.

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