Friday, 19 November 2010

No news - message & delivery - Final outcome

As the first tag line was 'we can't wrap our kids in bubblewrap forever' I wanted the effect to be more realistic so I tried using  a white background.  The yellow one could have been mistaken for a honeycomb design purely because of the colours.  

As I was designing this ready for the crit on Monday over the weekend I was limited to using a4 size paper.  However I decided to set myself the challenge of being able to reproduce the whole document on one A2 sheet double - sided.  In industry if you were designing a mail shot it would generally be for mass production so the materials would have to be as cost effective as possible.  I actually managed to fit two documents A2 double sided.

The group generally were printing their final outcomes on card which had luxurious high quality feel.  As my design has a few folds I decided the card would make the whole mail shot too bulky when folded.  This is the reason I chose a lower weight of peper and in fact the A2 print off's produced in the print room are actually not so different in quality to the ones printed on the Laser printer.  The print does not seem to be competely dry on the paper James used in the print room and the black transfers marks onto he white paper.

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