Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Circus app development

As time is short I am going to use the content from the Circus brief to propose an app design idea.  Potential to submit with ISTD brief.  I am also going to focus designing for iOS and a mobile platform rather than a ipad screen.  Ideally I would ensure the design is suitable for both size screens.  I do think in a museum people will be more likely to use the App from a Mobile phone.

My app idea in one sentence:

Circus Experience:  Getting the most out of your Circus Experience.

Will include Introduction, maps, booking, details of each experience,  Exhibit details ie history of costumes.  Interactive features whilst at the Museum.  Interactive feature share your Circus Experience.

From my research I should produce to communicate my idea and content to a developer:

1. a flow map
2. A series of wireframes
3. A series of storyboards

Mock ups in iPhone 5:

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