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How to design Content maps for websites

How to design better Apps

1. Wireframe Your App
When we talk about an app’s design, we’re talking about two main components. These two components are user experience (UX) design and user interface (UI) design.
Experience design is all about the goals of the app, such as which features to include, and how the user will accomplish those goals. The user interface design is what that experience looks like visually. That includes the colors, textures, and fonts used to craft the visual style of the app.

 2. Use Finger-Sized Tap Targets This is the biggest thing you can do to improve the usability of your app: Increase the tappable area for every button. You’re designing for fingers and thumbs, not mouse cursors (which have a higher pointing accuracy). Apple recommends a minimum of 44x44px for any element the user is expected to interact with.
Now this doesn’t mean that the button needs to visually look that big. The tappable area can extend beyond the visual size of the button. This will help users avoid the frustration of trying multiple times to tap an element. Just be careful if you have several buttons close to each other. Make sure that your extra tappable area doesn’t overlap with other buttons.

3. Have Only One Primary Goal Per Screen When you’re designing a screen in your app, focus on the primary goal you want the user to accomplish. For example, in the email list screen in iPhone’s Mail app, the user’s primary goal is to read emails. Though there’s a secondary action for composing an email, the button is off in the corner and not emphasized.

4. Avoid Default Button Styles The default style for UIButtons on the iPhone is one of my biggest design pet peeves. Almost all of the default elements included with iOS look good. Then there is the default button.

5. Add Extra Views When There’s a Lot of Information Moving into a new view (either through a push or modal transition) is very easy for the user. So if you find yourself trying to add too much information to a single view, then just add another view.

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