Thursday, 15 March 2012

YCN Camapaign straplines

One thing that has been bugging me is a 'strap line' to identify our campaign. 
Initially I was researching around "ice cream ' ideas such as the "99' tour,  The latest 'scoop.  Also using the current 'heinz 'Bring on the zing'.  Zing up your food.  What will you eat with yours?  Are you a dipper or a squeezer?
 I have been playing around with ideas around the 'sunshine' feel good ideas and also DJ/MC play on words.   I suddenly remembered a 70's band called KC and the Sunshine Band.  They had this really catchy hit called 'Thats the way I like it' 

I wasn't sure whether 'SC and The Sunshine Van' would work with our target audience however when I ran it passed Kirsty she thought it was really catchy.  The song also gave us a hook ' How do you like it?' which is both cheeky and also leads to engage people to think how they like their salad cream.


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