Monday, 5 March 2012

Design - Double page layout

Homework session 6

To design three different articles with the following audience:

1. Academic
2. Sunday Supplement
3. Younger audience

Hierarchy of information
Get the text organised first before considering image.
A4 lanscape
Column widths, margins, gutters pt size, typeface and context.



The typeface selected was a Serif font Century School book.  I deliberately tried to make the image as small and insignificant as possible.  The margins were all 8mm and the gutter was 4mm

Sunday Supplement

Initial attempt

Work In progress

 The image needed to distract from the text however I did not feel the image was strong enough.  Instead I used apart of the image at the top of the page.  naturally the reader look here first.

The pt size is 8pt however this is with the auto leading.
 I increased the leading on the final layout.


I had chosen to design a tabloid sunday supplement such as the Mail On Sunday 'You'. The Typeface chosen was Modern 20 which is quite a decorative serif font. The pt size is 8 with leading of 11pt.  I felt the increased leading made the text more approachable than in the first attempt.  I used six columns with 3mm gutters and 8mm margins.

Younger audience

on Futura 8 point with 11 pt leading.

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