Monday, 20 September 2010

Lisa's world .. my alphabet

Initially on reading the summer brief it raised several questions in my mind:
I was unsure how to communicate what I am about using only letters rather than words.
How much did I want the group to know about me?
Given I have lived so much longer how do i represent all this experience? Layers?

I first explored hand crafting each letter using ink, water colour and word.  Although I liked the effect I wanted to show I could use Photoshop (This also proved useful as it refreshed my Photoshop skills).  I liked the effect achieved for the Interview task ( a heart cut out of denim with badges about me)  So I experimented scanning different fabrics, jackets and other items into Photoshop.

I thought about changing the order of the alphabet to reflect the importance of certain things in my life however I found  this could be achieved by using different items such as scanning my wedding dress to highlight these letters.

I needed a chunky font that would enable the viewer to understand what the fabric represented.  Through trial and error Std Stencil proved the best font for the job.  I also liked this as it is reminiscent of growing up in the Eighties.

Overall I am pleased with the effect, it is very personal and reflects me as a person as I am pretty much an open book, what you see is what you get.  I think each letter sits well with the surrounding letters as the alphabet meets the brief in that it works as a series.  One problem with it apart from the obvious fabric changes such as Wedding and the rucksack you have to read the badges to fully understand the meaning.  Matt suggested maybe scanning  something different for each letter....


  1. I liked Lisas personal approach to her typeface it shows a lot about her and her style.

    The badges on the letters i found very interesting and they worked well with the typeface.

  2. I think that the letters work extremely well as a set and have a really nice finished effect. I love how you can see the wrinkles in the denim and the texture of the fabric next to the clean cut edge of the stencil, I feel that this gives more personality to the typeface.

  3. I liked how each of the materials used was a scan of your own clothing, this made the whole set seem more Personal. I also liked how the letters representing the most personal information were represented in a different fabric. The badges were a clever way of telling more about yourself and they fit with the denim theme well.

  4. Very personal and interesting idea, would have been nice to see it with hand made badges but would have been a bit impractical for such a small part of the letters also really looking forward to seeing more of Lisa's work.