Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Layout Ideas for How to presentation....

Pinboard idea for informing students about getting up in the morning

We eventually decided to create a freshers pack containing information and interactive media in response to our problem.. "How to get ready in the morning under an hour". This freshers pack would contain a poster which students could interact with in order to create their own timetable from a pie chart and stickers (pictures to follow); a leaflet/flyer providing tips on how to reduce the amount of time spent getting ready and the aforementioned stickers. Flyers from participating clubs/bars/shops would also be added to fund the pack.

 A2/A3 Poster with a 'do-it-yourself' hourly pie chart and weekly timetable.
The pie chart is split into 5 minute segments and using the stickers contained in the pack, the user can place, for example, 10 minutes for breakfast using 2 of the colour coded segments, 20 (4 segments) for getting ready etc.

Idea for a leaflet/flyer with some 'top tips' for effective time management.
The design has changed since this and now features a corkboard as the background (images put up soon).

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